Rewards Service

Babup has one of the most exciting rewards program on the Internet. We provide Quality and Secure File Sharing service to our users. We offer our affiliates the opportunity to earn more than any other file hosting site! We pay affiliates by various payout methods, and manage to get it on hands sooner.

You can Upload and share your file on blogs/sites/forums/social media to get downloads and earn money from it. You can also promote us by referring users and earn referral comission. Also Active affiliates get better rates!


Upload & Share Files to earn Huge Money

Upto $21 per 1000 Downloads !


  • Minimum payout is 10$
  • Payments are made via Paypal, Payza, Neteller, WebMoney, Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Withdrawals are processed within 24-48 hours (7 Days) after request.
  • Star Refer users and get 10% of the referral earnings.

Pay Per Download (PPD)

Rates per Downloads

Matrix Plan 0-10 MB 10-100 MB 100-* MB
Tier 1 $21$21$21
Tier 2 $12$12$12
Tier 3 $6$6$6
Tier 4 $2$2$2

Tier 1 United States, Canada

Tier 2 Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden

Tier 3 Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Russian Federation, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, South Korea, Ireland, Spain

Tier 4 All other countries


1 Downloads generated by visitors with an ad blocker are not credited.

2 Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed.

3 Pornography, Movies, Music, Images or any copyright material or any adult content is not allowed and will result in termination of your account.

4 We have the right to change Rewards Service at anytime with or without notifications.

5 Files size should be 1MB+ to get rewarded.

6 Downloads are only counted only after 100% Download and unique IP addresses.

7Images/Photos are not allowed.

8 Bot Downloads are tracked, and verified while payout. If detected, Account will banned,

9 We don't allow hotlinking images & Files.

10 Attempting to gain revenue using misleading/unethical methods, such as spamming, will result in an immediate ban.

11 Downloads are only counted only ofter 100% Download. We don't accept downloads from proxy servers.

12 All affiliates must agree to and abide by the Babup General Terms and Conditions, Copyright Policy and Privacy Policy.

13 DMCA Reports: If your uploaded file is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the file, your file will be deleted from our servers.

14 Files with no views/downloads will be removed 30 days after you've uploaded it. All other files with live downloads will be saved. (Unless you decide to delete them by self).

15 Babup reserves the right to verify your traffic source whenever you request payout to preven fraudlent downloads & revenue

16 While requesting payout your traffic must be live (you must have regular downloads from recent file) that is you cannot stop your traffic while the payout is being processed.

17 Babup reserves the right to change and re-define our affiliate program without prior notice.

18 Removing of files with earnings deliberately will not be paid, as well as downloads generated from high tier country without valid source. We have rights to ban your account without pay if following occurs.

19 Accounts will be BANNED for the following, Downloads from suspicious sources( websites) or without any source, as well as Download IP's are proxy or making huge number of downloads. WE may ask for your traffic source, if you fail to submit valid source, we have rights to ban your account without pay.